Wednesday, January 01, 2014

So much for that plan

I started off 2013 with the intention of writing something - anything - on this blog every day. I didn't even manage three whole months. I missed one day in March, four in April, and after that I just kind of ran out of steam.

I have an idea why. Part of the reason I wanted to try writing more regularly was because of a website project I had turning over at the back of my mind, but it would be a big commitment and I wanted to make sure I could keep up the volume of writing it would require. I also wanted to get better at writing, and that means writing more. The down side of this approach - writing for a purpose, rather than just for the sake of it - is that I wanted everything I posted to be interesting. I should have just sat down and picked something and wrote about it and published that. Of course, you need feedback for that, and I can't take critism well, so I never really told anybody that I was doing it, never asked for feedback, never shared what I'd put up here.

Another side effect of the "wanting to be interesting" thing was the number of posts I started, abandoned and deleted because I couldn't say exactly what I meant consisely; I didn't want to have thousands of words of anime backstory before I could explain my dilemmas about Kill La Kill, but getting my point across for a reader unfamiliar with the show is difficult (another problem: I don't know what, if any, audience this thing has). I've had a post about agnosticism sitting in draft status since February 7th, 2013 because I can't figure out how to explain myself.

In 2013 I published 138 posts - which is one every 2.64 days. I don't think I ever expected to actually reach 365, but I'm still disappointed that I didn't get more done. Still, that's almost as much as I wrote between the start of 2005 and the end of 2012, so I'm not thatbothered.

I'm going to try again this year. Hopefully I'll make it longer than the 29th of March before skipping a day, this time.

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