Monday, January 20, 2014

Space Dandy, revisited

There seems to be a common rule in anime circles that you should give a show three episodes before you make your mind up on continuing it. I don't generally subscribe to the idea, but it's often the case that you get enough of a sense from those early episodes to judge how much you'll like the rest.

Three episodes into Space Dandy, I'm not sure it's worth sticking with.

It's maybe a bad show to try the 3 episode rule with, being more episodic than anime tens to be, but after a stunning first installment I've just not found the subsequent stories to be all that interesting.

I'm not sure what the problem is, though. The characters and jokes are funny, the designs are fantastic and the animation is brilliant; while I'm not keen on the level of fanservice, it's certainly lower down the scale than KILL la KILL.

It's just not clicking for me. Without a stronger long-term story it's more difficult to get invested week to week. Maybe it'd be worth skipping a few weeks and marathoning several episodes at once.

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