Monday, January 06, 2014

DmC Devil May Cry

I want to like this game.

Despite the trying-slightly-too-hard punk aesthetic and UE3's best efforts, I really like how it looks. The story feels oddly like a movie adaptation of a videogame, somehow, but that's still better than a lot of games manage.

I am really bad at it, though. These sort of action games have never been my strong suit, for much the same reason as beat-em-ups - combos are simply beyond me. I can't remember them in the middle of a fight well enough to execute them, and I don't have sufficient reactions to dodge (even when I remember what the dodge button is). I end up sticking to the same basic four-hit smacking, trying desperately to defeat all the enemies before they take me out - a recip for boredom and frustration more than anything else.

The reason I started playing DmC was as a palate cleanser after I'd finished P4G and was finding it difficult to get into Ni no Kuni, but it's also been on a couple of GOTY lists so I figured it should be worth a look anyway. It's just not for me, though - like every other game in the genre, it's just not clicking right.

I feel some kind of weird obligation to see the story through - maybe I'll drop the difficulty - but have no idea why. It's not that special, and a combination of online comments and obvious foreshadowing means I'm pretty sure how things are going to play out anyway.

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