Monday, January 13, 2014

Anger and imaginary internet points

I often accuse other people on the internet, usually behind their backs or on social media, of needing to lighten up. Of taking things too seriously. However, I am almost incapable of saying "no" to an argument (unless the other person's position is "yes"), and am starting to notice myself taking things far more seriously than I should online.

I've not been an active Reddit user for long, as my karma score will prove, but I'm fairly certain its constant stream of up- and downvotes isn't helping my ability to distance myself from a disagreement. There's something about the implicit approval of (anonymous) strangers that's oddly effective at bolstering my self-confidence, but I'm starting to worry that it's also inflating my sense of how much my own approval/agreement is worth.

There are a couple of arguments I'm just unable to avoid - ship-to-ship combat over Golden Time, and the idea that the fanservice in KILL la KILL is "equal-opportunity". The first one, I'm usually able to say my piece and leave it at that, but I've gotten into more than a handful of multi-comment arguments over the second, largely because I'm genuinely annoyed by it.

This is where I need to learn to stop myself. Downvote the jerk perpetuating that stupid, stupid lie and get on with my day. But I can't. I can't leave it. I have to tell them they're wrong.

I need to lighten up. It's only a cartoon, and it's only a person I don't know, will never meet and who will, in all likelihood, forget about it in ten minutes anyway.

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