Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I was going to write about the (relatively) new Perfect Blue Blu-ray for today's entry; I've got a big text file with notes made as I watched it this evening. But I sat down to type it up more coherently and remembered I wrote about it less than a year ago.

So now I'm out of ideas.

I realised tonight that it's really hard for me to write critically about Perfect Blue anyway; I've seen it too often to separate my love for it from the film itself. I tried to keep a more detached perspective tonight, but by the time Mima shoots her first Double Bind scene I was pretty much totally absorbed.

Which isn't to say I don't have criticisms. As I mentioned last time, MiMania's character design is too grotesque to really be effective; if he looked more normal (and didn't have such a prominent place in the opening CHAM concert), there'd be room to play him as a figment of Mima's imagination more consistently.

And this time, the nice bow on the ending bugged me more than it has before. Considering how obtuse and incoherent the film very deliberately tries to be in places, it's odd to have such a resoundingly optimistic ending.

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