Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Phallic bollards offend Oregon

A $20,000 installation of more than 50 concrete posts at an intersection in Keizer, OR has gotten a rise out of some residents, who are claiming the barriers look like male genitalia.
The City of Keizer is taking heat for installing a group of cement posts designed to protect pedestrians from cars, but which some say is a phallic symbol.

A total of 52 of the posts were installed at a busy intersection in Keizer and they are getting a lot of second glances.

A number of residents have complained to the city that the posts resemble male genitalia.

"I can't disagree with that," said City Manager Chris Eppley. "They certainly did not turn out the way we anticipated."
Some people are far too sensitive. Honestly, I wouldn't have looked at that and thought, "ha ha, cocks" if it hadn't been pointed out to me.

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