Thursday, July 19, 2007

Job thoughts

Seems to be a bit of a slow news day - the fact that one of today's biggest stories is the revelation that some woman took drugs 25 years ago should be proof enough of that.

So, in lieu of any actual stuff to post (read: rip off) from other sites, I'm just going to ramble about my move to Dundee - skip this post if you're not interested.

I've resigned from my current post, and I've been given a final working day of August 10th, although I'm still debating whether to take some of my remaining holidays off before then to get out sooner. I've already got the 10th off for Amecon, so another couple of days to chill out would be appreciated.

After Ame, I'll be back in Belfast for one night before I hop on a one-way plane to Scotchland. I've never taken a one-way trip before; it's kind of a scary thought. I start at Realtime on Wednesday, August 15th.

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks, though - I'll be staying in a flat provided by the company for the first while, but I've got to look for places to live on a more permanent basis, and they aren't going to be cheap. I'll also have to fly back to Northern Ireland for Tomo-Dachi, after just a week in Dundee. All the while working as much as I can, for two reasons: to make a strong impression, and so that I get into the routine properly.

I've got a big list of scary thoughts as well - top of the list is the aforementioned accomodation search. While it would be much cheaper to just stay in the company apartment, I don't think they'd appreciate that kind of sponging. Still, it's not going to be much fun, and Lord knows what sort of place I'll end up being ripped off for. Searches online haven't revealed any awesome bargains, either.

Not sure what to do with all the stuff that's in the house in Belfast, either; looked into storage places 'round Dundee, but they're much more expensive than I was expecting. Might see if I can just stash stuff at the folks' and have them look after it until I get more permanent living arrangements. Of course, I've got to get round to packing it all away first, and I've got no idea how I'll get it out of that house, being sans voiture.

I'm looking forward to the new job, certainly - there's just a whole load of frightening stuff around it that I've got to take care of while getting used to a new company, new people, a new place, and even a new accent.

It's all very exciting, in an utterly terrifying kind of way.

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