Monday, March 04, 2013

Not much to say

Alpha Protocol is taking over my spare time. Played a lot of it over the weekend, and spent most of this evening working my way through the Rome missions - I've now moved onto Taipei. I've finally levelled up enough to unlock the ridiculously overpowered criticial-hit-from-cover pistol skill, but I'm still happy to switch to the assault rifle rather than reloading when things get less stealthy.

I'm trying to make decisions differently this time through - killing bosses where I'd previously spared them, that sort of thing - and have managed to get a couple of achievements out of this second playthrough so far, which is a pleasant surprise. I was only really expecting to get the Recruit completion one. Not that my gamerscore is particuarly important in the grand scheme, but it's nice to feel like your accomplishments are being recognised, if only by a meaningless number.

I did manage to re-read the first trade paperback of The Sixth Gun tonight as well, as I threatened on Twitter yesterday. I really want to like it, quite badly - the concept and the dialogue and the art are all great - but the pacing just doesn't let up. Considering how many of the great Westerns are slow-burners, the choice to have an all-out gun battle (and the occasional giant monster) in every issue seems rather odd. I think it's especially obvious coming off the back of Saga, which is beautifully paced throughout, although I remember thinking The Sixth Gun was a bit rushed even the first time I read it.

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