Saturday, March 09, 2013

Digital dilemma

Posting a new entry every day is easy. It's writing them that's the hard part. I need to get better a making notes for things that I can get a post out of; if I have a starting point I can usually throw something together (although whether it's worth reading is another thing entirely), even if I end up on a tangent and write about something totally different.

I finally cracked and bought (the digital versions of) the Saga issues between the end of the first TPB and the current issue. This leaves me with a dilemma, though - I've broken that barrier now and it's going to be difficult to resist the whole rest of the series as issues, even if I intend to buy the second and subsequent TPBs as well.

But my bank has a £1.50 charge on international payments, so buying from Comixology that would nearly double the price of each issue. That wasn't as big a deal buying 7-10 together (although it's still a pain), but month to month it's not going to fly.

I could get a physical subscription from Forbidden Planet that wouldn't hit that additional charge, but for some reason I like the idea of buying digitally from month-to-month and then getting the TPB as a physical "archive" copy. To save on space, if nothing else.

Is there a UK-based digital comics store that sells Saga? I'd really like to support it month to month, but I can't justify the price if I've also got to pay extra to send money to the US.

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