Friday, February 08, 2013

Under the wire

Not even really sure what I did today. A lot of server wrangling, for one - although I did discover getting an NFS mount to work is much easier when you remember to add the new machine's IP address to the hosts.allow file on the server.

I'm tempted to write something about the rumours swirling around the next iterations of the Xbox and PlayStation but that seems premature; while a lot of the pre-launch rumours about the Vita and WiiU ended up to be pretty close to the mark, part of me thinks that less reliable sources might try and use that precedent to their advantage when spreading nonsense. I will say this, though: if the whisperings about second-hand games being effectively locked out on the next Xbox are true, I'll not be buying one of those unless the prices for new software are as cheap as Steam's.

If the PS4 somehow manages to keep backwards compatibility with this generation's games - unlikely given Sony's admission that it won't have a Cell processor and the nightmare it'd be to emulate one - at least for the stuff I've downloaded from PSN and through PlayStation Plus, it'll have a massive advantage over Microsoft's next machine. It's questionable, though, if that's a worthwhile investment when there could be HD re-releases to be flogged eighteen months post-launch.

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