Thursday, February 07, 2013


Most of my day at work was spent setting up a new server. The rest was spent adjusting the generation of financial reports. As a result, I don't have much beyond half-baked (and possibly ill-advised, not-for-public-consumption) ideas for what to write about. I daren't go a day without posting something, though; once that starts I'll end up making excuses all over the place.

My evening was spent watching more Blue Gender - I'm up to episode 12 now, and while the good bits are still good, the character development is definitely not as strong as I remember it being. The two main characters seem to fall into their relationship as much because it's expected as because they genuinely get along. Some of the artwork and animation is really f--king ugly, too.

New stuff is up on PlayStation Plus as of today (maybe yesterday?) - Sleeping Dogs which I'm looking forward to getting stuck into, and F1 Race Stars which I downloaded mostly out of forum-based peer pressure. I like a good karting game though, and this has had a few strong recommendations.

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