Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I had a few different ideas of stuff to write throughout the evening, but I have a memory like a sieve (minus the mesh that occasionally catches bits) so here's some rambling instead.

Started rewatching Madoka properly, and I still have problems with how up-front its premise is - although that's possibly because I knew the conceit even the first time through the series. Maybe having the Faust association already in my mind caused me to pick up a lot more of the sinister and creepy angle rather than the surreal, fantasy aspect. Although the oppressive techno score didn't help, either.

I'm always surprised how quick a show will move the second time around, though - I didn't think [SPOILER] happened as early as the third episode, but then it's only got 12 half-hours to get through everything. It's also amazing how different the lead-in to [SPOILER] is when you know it's coming; the preceding scenes take on an entirely different meaning with that added foresight.

I also started blasting through Okami HD in an attempt to get that one trophy I missed the first time through. I'd previously restarted a New Game Plus playthrough but managed to crash the game, so had to more or less re-restart it tonight; I've reached the Agata Forest dungeon in less than 45 minutes, compared to the first time which probably took me a couple of hours or more. And possibly longer again on the PS2 version.

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