Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Makibét, Ak 5, Sin 5


Da livit im bera wa ting nalush ando du wok, wa *dorámawala mal,
Demang pasa ora im ere da mesa da *dorama wit lek bik unte wit seteráx,
Unte deng namang na pochuye im natim efa. Im wa setoriye
Deting wa *baka tili showxa, wit walowda walowda sownte unte walowda walowda gova-tet,
Wit wa senyawu nakangekeng.


The life it (is) just a thing not-light (CONT) make walk, a drama-person bad,
The-person-who passes hour his in/on the table the drama with leg(s) big and with fear,
And then no-person not hears him never after. It (is) a story
The-thing-that an idiot (HABIT) speaks, with some some sound and some some anger,
With a signal unknowable.

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