Thursday, August 16, 2007

Here goes...

In just over an hour, I'm heading to the airport to go to Scumdee Dundee. Flight's at 2.40, arrives at 3.30. I should be at the company apartment around 4.30 or 5.00, if everything goes smoothly. I doubt I'll have an internet connection there, and even if there's a port I won't have anything able to connect.

According to the contract, I'm supposed to start work tomorrow at 10am, so hopefully it'll be decent weather and I'll be able to walk in, just to familiarize myself with the route while I've got the time.

At this point, all I can think of are the negative things. Not even anything in particular; just general unease/nervousness and my natural pessimism. Fingers crossed it'll all go smoothly and I won't make an utter arse of myself on the first day.

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cavalcade said...

I've lived near Dundee for 9 years, and whenever I go near it I get feelings of unease and pessimism too, so don't worry about it.