Friday, September 09, 2016

Seven things I hate about Re:Zero, after 18 episodes

This will likely make little sense to anybody who has A. not seen any of Re:Zero or B. seen (or read) all of Re:Zero so far.

  1. The whole Light Novel schtick. Conversations that take three times longer to get to the point than even the slowest audience could possibly need; the endless digressions from the matter at hand; the tolerance for Subaru's inane interjections into matters he knows nothing about and has no business commenting on, by everyone including nobility. I hate this whole style of storytelling.
  2. The premise - genre-savvy nerd is pulled into an alternate high-fantasy reality - is lifted out of pure retread boredom by Subaru's lack of resultant special abilities, but he's such a demanding, entitled jackass that I don't care if he succeeds at any of his ridiculously stupid plans. I pray for his failure, that he might fucking learn something.
  3. Why in the name of God has it never occurred to Subaru to ask for someone to explain about the Jealous Witch? You'd think, after Emilia introduced herself with a cursed name the first time through and then the subsequent taboos around it, that he'd be curious enough to find someone - Betty, maybe - and ask, "hey, so humour me - what's the deal with Satella?".
  4. Subaru can't tell anybody about Return By Death, his Edge of Tomorrow-style time-reset/resurrection power. But you could still mention you're from a different reality maybe? Get people to cut you some fucking slack for a change.
  5. Emilia continues to put up with Subaru's perpetual creepiness, and borderline abusive attitude towards her.
  6. Rem's clearly Best Girl, but even she's fallen for the dubious charms of our "hero". I'm not even entirely sure why.

  7. I can't stop watching this show.

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