Saturday, May 05, 2012

From Kuramathi


Bought a couple hours' internet access from the hotel, catching up on Twitter, G and forums. Doesn't seem like we've missed much news. :P

Honeymoon is going great; coping with the heat better than we expected and no hangovers or sunburn yet (although tans are developing slowly so far too).
Currently posting from the tablet, which only has this one photo on it, but the views are spectacular. Difficult to believe that places like this actually exist outside of films and holiday brochures.

Highlights so far include the seaplane to the island, the phenomenal steak I had the first night, walking on the sand bank on the north of the island, and snorkeling with sharks this morning. The food (and drink) has been outstanding, the staff are really friendly and helpful, and the neighbours have at least been tolerable (the Russians on the left had noisy kids, and the Germans on the right have questionable musical taste, but they've been sensible about the hours they keep).

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