Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pre on October 16th!

The press release that finally confirms the UK release date and pricing of the Palm Pre came out this morning; these long months of speculation and guesswork from every gadget blog and forum with European members are finally over.

Friday, October 16th - just three weeks away - is Pre day!

The tariffs and pricing are more or less the same as for the recently-release iPhone 3GS, which is potentially a mistake; the Pre has half the memory of the low-end 3GS (8GB vs. the iPhone's 16), and is missing a lot of the multimedia features that have made the iPhone such a success among casual smartphone buyers.

Nevertheless, I will be picking one up, on the 24-month £35 contract (which nets me a "free" Pre) on launch day. I just need to figure out when to contact Vodafone to get my number ported to O2. I'm planning on heading into the O2 store here in Dundee this lunchtime to ask them some questions; I imagine they'll be more eager to give me answers on changing providers than the network I'm leaving.

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